Industry Survey + Interview on Fintech Trends for 2022

SmartBrief surveyed four popular newsletters in December of 2020 to find out their readers’ top priorities for the coming year. Our poll results are accompanied by an interview with Jon O’Neill, editor of SmartBrief for CFOs, in which he discusses his predictions for the coming year.

This year, we conducted a poll in SmartBrief for CFOs asking our readers what their top priorities for 2022 would be, and we received some interesting responses. Why do you think the public should pay attention to one particular financial trend this year?

Financiers should focus on technology, automation, and cybersecurity in 2022 because they are having a significant impact across financial services. There will be a number of opportunities and challenges in 2022 and beyond as AI and other tools continue to evolve, automation ramps up and cybersecurity issues come to the forefront as a result of the rapid pace of technological change.

In our poll, most people chose “risk management,” which is not surprising. Risk managers can learn a lot from this year’s biggest blunder in risk management.

When it comes to technology, the Wall Street Journal ran an article in December that looked at how risk managers in the financial sector were still trying to figure out how AI could potentially harm their businesses.

This generation of risk managers, according to the article, will be required to understand how algorithms work and identify potential pitfalls when AI is used in consumer lending, transaction monitoring, and other areas. In order to keep up with the rapidly evolving technology that is creating a new financial foundation, leaders must continue to focus on this critical issue.

As far as 2022 priorities go, only 6% of respondents said they’d put mobile apps on the list. Do you think this topic should be given more attention in light of newcomers like Robinhood disrupting the status quo?

Yes. We can’t imagine our lives without apps, and that includes keeping tabs on our finances. Financial technology (fintech) companies like Robinhood and others are revolutionising everything from banking to stock purchases and cryptocurrency. It doesn’t look like this trend will be going away any time soon.

What kinds of articles do readers seem to prefer from your time as editor of SmartBrief for CFOs? Where do you go for reliable financial information on a regular basis?

This publication’s readers want to be aware of the most important economic trends and issues, such as job growth, tariffs, trade, and what the world’s largest financial institutions are doing. In addition, they’re interested in learning about new laws and regulations, as well as information about their peers. In addition to CFO Magazine and more specific publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, CNBC, Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal, these are the go-to sources.

Which CFOs, in your opinion, are worth keeping an eye on right now? To put it another way, who is causing the most havoc, transforming society, demonstrating leadership, or increasing productivity?

We’re keeping an eye on Dave Stephenson, the former Amazon CFO who recently joined Airbnb to help plan the company’s highly anticipated and (probably) unconventional IPO, which is scheduled for this year. Major players like JPMorgan CFO Jennifer Piepszak, Netflix CEO Spencer Neumann and Robinhood CFO Jason Warnick will also be keeping an eye on this year’s trendsetters in the industry.

Finally, what was your favourite SmartBrief for CFOs story of the year?

When it comes to technology, AI, and other automation trends, CFOs are working harder than ever to stay on top of the curve. This was my favourite thing to see about the financial industry in 2020. CFOs are making this a priority in order to be prepared for a rapidly changing future, according to my observations.

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Results are based on responses from 437 people

152 people voted on this question:

113 votes in favour of AI/Machine learning and cybersecurity

“Cloud computing” 66 people voted.

A total of 49 people voted in favour of blockchain.

With 31 votes, this is the credit card landscape

Applications for mobile devices – 26 people voted

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