We Can't Get Enough Of Parrots Cuddle Up to Human Dad at Bedtime in Video

Our beloved nighttime birdies have returned, but they're all grown up this time! 

Then he kissed them goodnight along the line. The parrots have grown enormously since the video was posted in March!

We had no idea birds could develop that fast. He's getting the parrots ready for bedtime in his most recent video. 

Their routine begins with him cuddling them and, of course, kisses aplenty. They are then lined up in a row on the bed, much like they did when they were younger. 

 Before giving them each another kiss, he says, "I luv mah kiddies." Their expressions show how much they love him in return! Aww! 

This joyful young family is one of our favorites. Clearly, the rest of the internet does as well. 

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