$200 Quarters? Check Your Loot

A quarter might be worth $200 without inflation.A 2000 quarter with a mistake sold for $216 on eBay, according to the U.S. Sun. The New Hampshire quarter was struck on a Jefferson nickel.

The U.S. Sun says that's not the most costly coin. USA Coin Book says 1932 Washington quarters may get $13,573. According to The U.S. Sun, errors and uncommon mintages boost coin value.

Double denomination coins, like the $216 Washington quarter, are termed "planchet" mistakes. The error happens during minting a blank coin (a "planchet").

The U.S. Sun reported that mistakes might arise when the incorrect planchet is placed into the minting press or when the machine mixes up its dies.

First, seek for coins with unique designs, "off" printing, or the incorrect denomination. Double-check.

Search eBay for the coin's complete name and year, then sort "sold" goods by "highest value" You may sell a prize on eBay or other internet marketplaces.