2024 will bring the world's biggest hybrid ship.

Brittany Ferries commissioned the world's biggest hybrid ship for its future fleet, the business said this week. The 639-foot Saint-Malo will replace a previous type between 

St. Malo, France, and Portsmouth, England, in 2024. Soon after, another hybrid ship will join.

Brittany Ferries believes the Saint-11.5 Malo's MWh battery is twice that of most hybrid marine vessels today

“The large battery capacity will enable the ships to function at full power, employing both propellers and thrusters, even in poor weather. 

According to the business, this novel design might reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 15% compared to a traditional diesel-powered vessel.

The shipping sector is seeking more sustainable solutions to power its large, long-distance boats. Wärtsilä is also developing ammonia-powered engines.