250 weapons were confiscated during Memorial Day weekend

At least nine people were murdered and 50 more were injured during Chicago's Memorial Day weekend violence.

Superintendent David Brown applauded his officers for their performance over the weekend, when their vacation days were cancelled to prevent rioting during the city's first summer holiday 

On Monday, police recovered 11 illegal guns from North Avenue Beachgoers.
Nine killings and 47 shootings were recorded by midnight Tuesday

Tribune reported three additional shootings overnight, increasing the total to 50.
The Tribune counts shootings from 3 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Monday.

The weekend figures surpass last year's, which saw just 3 murders and 34 gunshots. This year's murder totals behind 2015's  and 2020's  Brown claimed killings are down 8% and gunshots are down 15%.

The end of the epidemic means the resumption of summer festivals and activities, local authorities stated.