5 Takeaways: Election Deniers Thrive as Trumpism Dips

David McCormick, a former hedge fund CEO, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous surgeon, are in a picture finish in Pennsylvania's Republican Senate primary. Statewide recount is likely.

Republican voters favoured politicians who contest 2020 outcomes.Republican candidates who campaigned on limiting voting and changing elections scored best on Tuesday.

Both Mr. McCormick, a former hedge fund businessman, and Dr. Oz, who was backed by Mr. Trump, have primarily self-financed their campaigns and might continue to do so.

Trump's endorsement matters. Republican voters are independent.J.D. Vance got 32% in Ohio this month. Herbster earned 30% in Nebraska last week. Tues:

 John Fetterman was elected.When he won a special election in a Trump-carried district in 2018, Conor Lamb pitched himself as a Democrat who could win over Republican votes.

This wasn't a case of Republicans avoiding firebrands. Cawthorn was unlikely to lose a general election, but Democrats would have spent heavily against him.