5 Ways to Describe the Feelings of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterised by periods of severe sadness followed by periods of mania characterised by great happiness, bursts of energy and  diminished sense of responsibility.

Bipolar illness has been linked to brilliance and creativity. It's true that a handful of today's top achievers and creatives have come up about their experiences.

Bipolar disorder is a challenging maelstrom that may disrupt people's life. People who have had untreated bipolar symptoms have likely gone into a deep depression

People with bipolar illness frequently experience depression, which can lead to self-destructive behaviours that are harmful to their health

Without talk therapy or medication, persons with bipolar illness often feel lonely, regardless of how many friends or family ties they have for support

People with bipolar disease might experience tremendous exhilaration caused by binge drinking and other risky behaviours. 

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