6th annual $1M Hole-in-One challenge begins

SOUTH BEND, Ind. Contestants are gearing up for the sixth annual $1 million Hole-in-One challenge

The Roseland Rotary Club and the Kroc Center collaborate to present the yearly benefit.

Several Michiana golf courses will host qualifying rounds this week. There will be a semi-final round consisting of the top ten players who struck the pin closest.

A hole-in-one from 100 yards out is the ultimate objective.
Director of development at the Kroc Center Paul Szrom described the event as "fun".

A lot of people come out and challenge their buddies, and they're all having a good time while they're doing it. The million-dollar prize makes some individuals take it a bit more seriously 

There is a fee of $1 each shot or $20 for a total of 25 shots to participate.
5 free shots will be given to everyone who brings in a can of food
Kroc Center's Family Resource Center receives every penny