A Beagle's duty to a sleeping baby proves we don't deserve dogs

Not needed when you have a loyal family dog. It's adorable to see so many pups taking on the role of a child's parent.

A recent TikTok video shared by @majorleaguebeagle shows one Beagle taking his babysitting duties very seriously.

To put it simply, mom and dad just moved their baby girl out of their bedroom and into her own room

Toby the Beagle, used to her sleeping with her parents nearby, was apparently concerned about her being alone for the first time

See what their daughter's room camera caught.Could this video be any more adorable? "And this is why I say he is the heart of our family"

According to @fivsomwhere22, "The ability of a dog to protect and care for those who cannot protect themselves is extraordinary! Tobes, you're the best!"