A Browns player's viral Baker Mayfield remark

That period in Cleveland is almost gone, but the Browns are having trouble finding a club ready to accept him and his salary.

While we wait to see whether the Browns cut Mayfield, keep him on the roster in case of an emergency, or trade him, more information about what went wrong is leaking out.

On Thursday, ESPN's Jake Trotter outlined the myriad variables that led Baker and the Browns here.

The iconic footage that Odell Beckham's father shared on Instagram as the receiver tried to flee town is also included.

In the video, Beckham's father shows clips of Mayfield not throwing to Odell and then criticises Mayfield in the comments.

A starter was asked whether he'd seen the video Beckham Sr. uploaded of Mayfield misfiring on passes to his son shortly after Browns coach Kevin Stefanski announced Beckham's exit.

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