A Starbucks barista stated individuals who purchase specific drinks would go to hell.

One Starbucks employee dislikes cold foam on beverages. A Dunkin worker clapped back when she said that customers had "a particular spot in hell."

Starbucks employee @alewhatsup posted a TikTok talking about sweet cream cold foam. "Maybe I'm a hater," she said in the video's description.

On Saturday, the video had over 752,000 views on TikTok. TikToker was too whiny, say viewers."Every Starbucks staff makes me feel terrible for getting ANY drink," one viewer said.

"I'm frightened to order from Starbucks because it's always something," said another viewer."I can't order anything since clearly everyone hates me," a third viewer stated.

Some viewers said Dunkin staff moan as much as Starbucks workers. "Work for Starbucks, then you can have an opinion," said one spectator.

A Starbucks worker warned there's a'special place in hell' for drink orderers. Dunkin employee responded. The Daily Dot.