Alternatives to Gmail and Yahoo Mail

What free email providers exist? Here's a list of the top email providers outside Gmail and Yahoo.

Outlook is unclear. Microsoft's free email accounts, contemporary Windows app, and Office 365 software are poorly differentiated.

United Internet, Germany's biggest ISP, owns GMX Mail. The free internet email account has grown in popularity since 1997.

Zoho Mail is a newcomer. 
The programme has swiftly become one of the top free email services outside Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

Apple's Cloud email service. Mac, iPad, and iPhone users have accounts. iCloud is a cloud service. Find My iPhone, Photo Stream, Keychain, and iCloud Drive use it. The app includes mail.

AOL Mail was the first free internet email service. It launched in March 1993, making it older than Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail by three to ten years.
Age gives it a large user base