Amazing hack for perfect hard-boiled eggs

Eggs are popular morning meal. You may create it several ways. Scrambled eggs are a child favourite. 

Fry eggs are more grownup. Not your age. You may eat eggs as you choose. 

Hard-boiling eggs is a favourite of ours. That's not as fancy as a southwest omelette, we know. If seasoned well, hard-boiled eggs are tasty.

In a TikTok video, @feelgoodfoodie explains her hard-boiled egg technique. We were astounded by her skill

Wow! Nobody told us eggs won't burst in an air fryer. It's a real issue. But do TikTok users like the egg hack? @Sabeeka screamed, "Must-try!"

We're thrilled to try this new approach to cook eggs. We know they'll taste wonderful since air fryers never fail.