Americans: How to Make Your Knees Walkable

A decent pair of shoes may help you reduce weight, gain fitness, and boost your attitude. Make sure your body, particularly your knees, is ready before diving in

Many walkers have knee problems. Here, specialists explain why knees need additional care and how to keep them healthy.

ROLLOUT PATELLA.Jill Miller, Walking Well co-founder, claims kneecap massage improves range of motion

Quads.Squeeze your quad muscle while seated with one leg extended. Lombardo recommends to imagine thrusting your knee into the floor.

Straight-leg lifts.“Your knee joints have a room for your knee cap, but as your leg muscles are weak, the patella slides out of that space and digs into the tissues below,” says Miller.

Bodyweight squats.Practicing squats might make uphill and downhill walking easier for your knees. Depending on your fitness level, squat to a chair and stand back up.

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