Are Loot Boxes Doomed?

The latest study from the Norwegian Consumer Council ("NCC") criticises the usage of loot boxes in video games, which they deem "predatory practises" aimed to "exploit cognitive biases".

The NCC's website mentions 20 partner organisations from 18 European nations that endorse their ideas. The Report recommends for greater regulation or a ban on paid loot boxes. 

This recent development reenergizes consumer organisations' attempts to enhance regulation in this sector after the 2020 IMCO report

Unfair Contract Terms Directive, Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, and Consumer Rights Directive are significant EU consumer protection laws (CRD).

Regulatory measures concentrate on gambling legislation and the hazards loot boxes provide for youngsters. 

Loot boxes, "other randomised content for real money," and "pay-to-win" mechanics in all games accessible to minors.