Baker Mayfield to be released by Browns?

While their club indicated interest in trading for the former first overall choice, negotiations fizzled because they couldn't reach Cleveland's asking price

Interested clubs aren't interested in overpaying for a player they might possibly sign outright.
“No one is attempting to help the Browns,” the person told Anderson.

The conditions of Mayfield's $18.9M 2022 option reportedly killed the Browns-Panthers trade negotiations. That completely guaranteed pay was a concern for Carolina

The Browns have refused to release Mayfield, but they may be forced to do so to avoid an unpleasant scenario. The QB has lately been linked to the Panthers, Seahawks, and Texans.

Mayfield had surgery in January but approached Amari Cooper in March about throwing. 

The Browns' involvement in the Deshaun Watson situation — and the “adult in the room” remark — prompted Mayfield to ask for a deal.