Blind cat's gift to mom makes us cry

Meet @moetblindcat, an all-white blind cat. We fell for her on TikTok. Moet gave her mom a gift before, and now she's giving again. 

We're blown away by her compassion since we know it's not an isolated incidence.

In a video with 2.9 million views, this cat brings something to her mom. The film shows Moet's cat sister halting her at the bottom of the steps. 

Then Moet runs to her mom with something in her mouth. Listen to how she gives her mum the gift. It'll make you weep.

What a gem! Blind or not, the cat is still sweet. And she was delighted to show mom her new toy. @Su Haleem196 said, "They're fur angels."

Moet is a TikTok hit. "My heart what a gorgeous baby," tweeted @wilderlove. We haven't met a nicer animal." This moved me "Added @hebaxmostafa