Couple Finds Their 'Missing' Dog at the Local Bar

@alishamather4 and her boyfriend missed their puppy. This dog had a bad day, so he went to a bar. This dog wanted a drink after a "rough" day.

Alisha walks up to the pub and notices something familiar in the window.

Her pit bull is watching. He seemed so comfy, like he'd lived there 20 years. LOL. Just like his papa. He must be Irish. Observe his expression.

HA! This Pit Bull wasn't lost; he knew where to go. The lads always know where the nearest bar is, like a granddad.

TikTok viewers love this video because he strolled inside a bar. He looked like a regular or employee, which is amusing. , tweeted Cherry Coulson.

LOL! Good opener. @laura guessed what he was thinking: "I've been with my friends. Is that an issue? ” We're OK. It's a doggie date.