Dolly Parton's Secret to Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

A career as impressive as Dolly Parton's. Aside from co-writing a mystery novel and donating over 100 million books to children, the country music star has helped fund the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

Her skills extend to the kitchen. According to Insider, Dolly Parton's secret to making fluffy scrambled eggs every weekend.

In an Insider interview about her new Duncan Hines cake mix line, Swift revealed a cooking technique she uses at home.

She makes her 55-year-old husband Carl Dean a full Southern breakfast every weekend.

There are some staples like French toast, biscuits and gravy, pinto beans and cornbread, but scrambled eggs are always present.

Parton uses a simple ingredient to keep her eggs fluffy. "If you're going to scramble your eggs, use ice water," she told Insider.