Dolphin faeces might preserve coral reefs

New research suggests dolphin poop might preserve coral reefs.Warming waters are bleaching reefs.Scientists claim marine mammal faeces helps them recuperate.

ZSL's Dr. Tom Letessier said: "Climate change and biodiversity loss threaten coral reefs worldwide.
This study identifies spinner dolphins as an ally.

The discovery is based on more than three decades of Indian Ocean data obtained from the Maldives.

Dr. Letessier: "We established spinner dolphins are everyday travellers by evaluating 30 years of visual observations and 6 months of auditory recordings.

Deep-feeding dolphins relax in protected lagoons and deposit half of their nutrient-rich faeces there.

Dr. Letessier added, "By defecating in shallow atoll lagoons, dolphins provide crucial nutrients for corals, presenting the greatest argument for keeping dolphins to safeguard reefs."