Egg-throwing youngsters chase inept 'People's Convoy' out of Bay Area

The "People's Convoy's" hopes were dashed in the Bay Area following a crucial tactical blunder: turning onto a street with a Safeway and a swarm of bored children.

At every stage, the trucker convoy, which attempted to imitate the disruptive Canadian protests against COVID-19 limitations, has failed horribly

he convoy was held up by a single bicyclist during a few weeks of driving around Washington, D.C.

Several convoy members stated they were having trouble finding locations to stop for toilet breaks, forcing them to urinate in their pants.

The caravan took the long trek back across the country after an underwhelming performance in Washington

Since the convoy began, virtually all major COVID limitations in the United States have been eliminated, therefore it appears the convoy's messaging has shifted to support other conservative issues.