Frank Schwindel's pitch shocks MLB

Sunday, the Cubs lost 18-4 to the Yankees. One pitch summarised their performance.

The Cubs moved first baseman Frank Schwindel to the mound in the eighth inning to save their pitchers. Schwindel had to limit errors and get the ball across the plate.

First player he faced was Yankees catcher Kyle Higashioka, who homered on Schwindel's eephus pitch.

That 35.1 mph fastball was a sure-fire home run for any MLB player. It's the slowest pitch ever homered on.

The Cubs will have better days and pitching performances, but this one will be remembered. Schwindel will have to consider it if he ever pitches in another MLB game.

Schwindel only allowed one more hit after the blunder, so he wasn't that horrible overall. Everyone was talking about the sluggish pitch.