Dishes Grandma Made During the Great Depression

After my grandfather sold his well-drilling business and put all of their money into a mushroom farm, my grandma devised this recipe. 

The farm was a success, and the family was able to survive the Great Depression thanks to it.

The addition of entire peas, spaetzle-like "dumplings," and sausage sets it apart from other pea soups I've eaten. 

Once you try it, you'll be addicted. —Dahinda, Illinois resident Carole Talcott Homemade biscuits are a welcome addition to any dinner. 

These delicate biscuits pair perfectly with my grandmother's crab chowder. —Utica, New York resident Melissa Obernesser.

This traditional pie has been passed down through our family for many generations and is always served at family gatherings.

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