Gym-Touching goer's Moment -Goer's Legend Goes Viral

One gym-goer helped and encouraged Aman, who appeared to be struggling through a set in a TikTok video seen by over seven million people worldwide.

In the video, Kody Philpot is seen joking with a friend and joking with Kody.[For real] What a guy man! That's why I love the gym. Philpot's video captioned.

When going to the gym or participating in a fitness class, people feel more comfortable when they are part of a strong community.

It's hard to tell in the video, but Philpot's rhythm started to slow down. The guy behind him got up and started spotting him.

He steered Philpot's set."Up, up, up," he told Philpot just before the video ended.

A supportive attitude among gym members may lead to a stronger gym culture.