How Long to Freeze Chicken?

It's OK to store unopened, non-vacuumed chicken in its original packaging.

The plastic wrap is likely permeable to air, which may induce freezer burn and reduce meat quality over time. Wrap the chicken in aluminium foil to keep it fresh.

You may take chicken from its packing to marinade before freezing it. Putting chicken in freezer bags preserves the meat, particularly if you vacuum-seal the bag to prevent freezer burn

After removing the chicken from its original packing, mark your containers and utilise the FIFO (First In First Out) approach.

Raw chicken should be stored in the deepest depths of the freezer, away from the entrance, to avoid temperature variations.

Keeping your chicken properly stored helps avoid freezer burn, which leads to dehydration. Chicken with freezer burn is safe to eat but may not be as flavorful.