How much alcohol is healthy for a woman's heart?

Many people's nightly glass of wine to unwind at the end of the day is being scrutinised by health experts - especially if you're a woman.

Because women absorb and metabolise alcohol differently than males, the alcohol lingers in their bodies longer, raising the risk of liver disease, heart disease, and some malignancies

when people are grouped according to how much they drink, those who consume light to moderate amounts of alcohol tend to have lower risks of heart disease than others.

At low levels of alcohol intake — one drink per day or fewer — the cardiovascular risk was still "quite small" for someone who was generally healthy

Everything we're seeing suggests that alcohol consumption at those levels is contributing to higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and greater rates of heart attack

Don't be afraid to highlight the benefits, such as the quick stress alleviation, because the benefits section might help you figure out what to do instead of drinking

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