How to Avoid Credit Card Scams at Gas Pumps

Drivers are watching increased gas costs. Not having inexpensive gas isn't the only problem while fueling up. Gas pump skimmers may drain your financial account.

Small devices called skimmers are regularly used to steal credit card information from petrol pump card readers . They used to be found mostly in cities, but the swindle has expanded to rural regions.

To prevent a gas pump card skimmer, pay inside. Most consumers are eager to download gas apps and gas credit cards to save money, but they don't like going inside to fill up.

Protecting yourself at the pump is the greatest method to prevent being scammed.

Skimming devices are put on point-of-sale terminals to steal credit card information. Chris Hauk, consumer privacy advocate at Pixel Privacy, explains what a credit card skimmer is. 

Skimmers are commonly found on petrol pumps or other point-of-sale systems in unmonitored regions, allowing criminals to install one without being seen.

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