How to Stop Panicking

You may not be interrupting a flight or attacking a stranger on the street, but you may be more emotionally volatile 

When I hear of these situations, I remember my elder brother's finest piece of life advice: "Don't panic out.

Count to ten before you speak when you're upset."Let's say you get an offensive email from a customer at work and want to respond with a venomous retort

When you're having a heated argument with a spouse or a friend and you're feeling irritated, try this. Sit quietly and reflect on the feelings you're having.

You may have observed that writing about how you're feeling makes you feel better right away when you're angry. Journaling is one of the most effective methods for achieving metacognition

When it comes to managing your emotions, it's similar to home improvement: you can educate yourself to handle a lot of it, but when the task is extremely difficult