How Your Feet Can Indicate Your Heart Is Failing

Avoiding cigarettes and eating a balanced diet are all effective ways to protect your heart. Other heart disease prevention methods may not be as visible, including flossing regularly

When you think about heart health, you generally don't think of your feet. Even though they are far from your heart, your feet may alert you to some cardiac issues.

Graying, split ends... Our hair may reveal a lot about our overall health. But have you ever noticed your toenails?  Reduced toenail hair may indicate poor heart health.

ongestive heart failure affects one or both bottom chambers of the heart. "This causes edoema in the legs, ankles, and feet."

The primary medical concerns that cause chilly feet are reduced circulation in the extremities and nerve loss due to atherosclerosis

Cyanosis may indicate many dangerous illnesses, including COPD, pulmonary hypertension (a COPD consequence), and congestive heart failure