Husky tickles baby human brother to make him laugh

Families with new babies may need to acclimate their pets to a new resident. But they can become best friends in seconds.

There are countless videos of dogs protecting babies. And we'll never get over how cute these clips are!

Not so with @daniellegerthh's TikTok video. Her video has over 8.8 million views and 728.7K likes.

Her Husky is seen next to her baby in the video. The Husky then starts tickling and laughing at the baby's stomach. So cute!

OMG. We're smitten! Also, the baby's laugh made it better. This house won't be quiet for a long time," said @Jeff H. So true!

We're sure Husky will eventually teach the baby some words. Arwooo, said @Heatha Hollman. Please bring earplugs!