In Nerve, Soldier Wrestles a Deadly Cobra

In fact, a soldier recently handled a cobra with relative ease, despite the snake's deadly reputation.

Over 18,000 people have upvoted an unexpected video on Reddit. Many military personnel are seen recording the event on their phones as the soldier examines a cobra.

On one knee, the soldier is seen "standing" with a cobra in his face. To show off to onlookers, he crouches down and slowly rides his hand up the snake's body, over its hood.

The focus point of a cobra is higher than its head, according to one Redditor.

I can't believe the cobra keeps standing up. Trying to jump without bending your knees would be the human counterpart

On Instagram in 2021, an Indian woman performed safe cobra tricks. After a cobra bit him above the knee in 2022, an Indian snake-catcher spent days in an intensive care unit.