In the Uvalde school massacre, what did police know?

As authorities probe the law enforcement reaction to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, many grave questions remain about what cops knew as the incident unfolded.

Authorities have not released audio of the 911 calls or radio exchanges, but have acknowledged dispatchers received frightened calls from children stuck in the closed classroom

Sen. Roland Gutierrez claimed school district Police Chief Pete Arredondo was never alerted that youngsters were contacting 911 from within the classroom.

Gutierrez said Friday that the state agency investigating the incident found Arredondo didn't have a police radio

Arredondo was criticised for not instructing cops to promptly take down the shooter. Steven McCraw, commissioner of the Texas Department of Public Safety, stated Arredondo made the "wrong judgement"

Experts believe smaller, regional dispatch centres are typically overloaded with calls during a big incident.