iPhone hacks you probably didn't know about

The sheer number of iPhone gimmicks hidden beneath the surface is mind-boggling. We've already covered a handful of these

One of my favourite little-known iPhone features is the Back Tap function. In a nutshell, the functionality allows users to snap a screenshot by just pressing the device's back.

Examine your iPhone's warranty.This is a really practical iPhone trick. You can check the status of your iPhone warranty straight from your smartphone, rather than spending time phoning Apple support

To locate a missing iPhone, use Siri. If you misplace your iPhone in your home or apartment, you may use the Hey Siri function to activate the flashlight and locate it quickly.

As a viewfinder, use your Apple Watch.This is an excellent illustration of how the entire Apple ecosystem enhances the user experience.

As a trackpad, use your iPhone's keypad.This is another one of my favourites. It's also an iPhone trick that frequently causes people's mouths to drop when they see it.