Jerry Jones's Superyacht

The millionaire spent $250 million on the ship.Jerry Jones has adopted his state's motto: Go big or go home.Mr. Jones took his 357-foot superyacht out for a vacation trip

Mr. Jones, 76, spent $250 million on the boat, $110 million more than he paid for the NFL franchise in 1989. Mansion Global couldn't confirm the pricing.

According to the manufacturer, the ship's single-tiered engine room allows for a slimmer design.
The builder says the white superyacht features two helipads and room for the owner's water toys.

"We worked closely with the owner to identify the appropriate artisans and craftspeople to produce unique artworks, textiles, and trademark furniture pieces

Mr. Jones and Cowboys spokesmen didn't immediately comment. Public documents connect the ship to Mr. Jones, who licenced the ship's radio equipment last month.

Mr. Jones' new gizmo isn't done. According to Oceanco, he had to return the superyacht to the Netherlands after the New Year.