June 18 Wordle 364 Answer

Wordle's popularity has risen this year. Since The New York Times acquired Wordle, users are using it to test their English vocabulary despite its easy restrictions.

The solution to today's Wordle (June 18) is CACAO, which means "seeds from a little tropical American evergreen tree""

Yesterday's Wordle word was BLOWN. Wordle 362's word of the day was APRON; Wordle 361's was PRIMO. Before DONOR, June 13's Wordle word of the day was FLOAT

 Wordle 357's daily word was GOOSE on June 11. Wordle 356's daily word for June 10 was PEITY. 9 June's Wordle 355 word was GIRTH.

This hidden Wordle word is completely random, although there are some twists. First word is key, thus use numerous vowels. Good possibilities are adieu, audio, and ourie. 

Second, fill the first row with 5-letter terms with many vowels. Try not to repeat words in Wordle, but sometimes you must.

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