KFC's Strange Utensil

Fast-food firms must constantly innovate to keep customers interested in their brands. Wendy's is using the metaverse to gain new customers.

Chipotle, Taco Bell, and Burger King innovate their menus. KFC may be the most creative in terms of customer-drawing techniques. KFC touts finger sporks as the next big thing in plastic utensils.

Nick Chavez, KFC's CMO, revealed the company's inspiration. "Finger-licking good" is KFC's classic slogan. The phrase refers to its fried chicken.

Finger sporks were designed to incorporate its sides in their motto. Now KFC's sides will be lickable.

KFC's new finger sporks are exciting. The manufacturer calls it a "innovative dining utensil." Nick Chavez's remark showed his passion

Chavez praised that KFC Finger Sporks placed sides in the limelight. The CMO said the business tested the sporks to assure client satisfaction.