Lightning Damages Jetstar 787

Jetstar grounded one of its Boeing 787-8s following lightning damage in May Lightning charred, blistered, and holed the jet's fuselage. Jetstar said neither the plane nor its passengers were in danger

Scorched, blistered paint, and a hole-ridden fuselageThe damaged aeroplane is VH-VKL, a seven-year-old Boeing 787-8 flying Jetstar's May 7 JQ444 flight from Melbourne to Coolangatta/Gold Coast.

This aircraft tracks slightly west of Australia's southeast coast, where the weather has been terrible in recent weeks.

The 787 is a composite aircraft, says Geoffrey , editor-in-chief of "The plane's metal mesh conducts electricity like a faraday cage. Electricity exits the plane's discharge wicks.

A faraday cage inhibits electromagnetic fields and is integrated onto aluminium aircraft fuselages.
I suppose a tremendous bolt of lightning hit the aircraft.

 Jetstar's domestic network has plenty of passenger demand, especially to the Gold Coast, hence the airline has deployed Dreamliners on routes