Long umpire reviews baffle MLB fans.

If you think Major League Baseball should deploy robot umpires instead of humans, Saturday's game may be your finest case.

The game was stopped before Milwaukee's Trevor Gott threw a 3-2 pitch to Miami's Jesus Sanchez. Craig Counsell and home plate umpire Bill Welke argued. Not that hot, however.

Counsell guessed 2-2. Welke's meeting with the other umpires was futile. He requested a video evaluation. New York's replay officials were summoned.

Yes, MLB fans felt Kyle Schwarber's pain as he argued Angel Hernandez's Strike 3 call. But that was a 98 mph fastball with movement just beyond the strike zone. 

There's no baseball pandemic. Umpires seldom lose count. It's tough to ignore when it takes so long to be fixed.

This can't happen if MLB wants to speed up games. Unless they want robots calling games, umpires can't let that happen.

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