Man 'Angry at His Girl' Destroys $5.1 Million in Art at Dallas Museum

A man accused of breaking into the Dallas Museum of Paintings and ruining $5 million in art says police he "got upset at his lady."

NBC 5 acquired an arrest warrant Thursday for 21-year-old Brian Hernandez after he pushed his way into the museum and smashed many objects.

Hernandez shattered the museum's glass front door with a metal chair and once inside purposely damaged or destroyed $5,153,000 worth of artwork, including pots and sculptures.

A security said he and another guard spotted the guy when a motion sensor went off. He told the guards he was trashing stuff because he was furious at his girlfriend.

"Rare old relics were damaged in the exhibit cases," police claimed in the complaint.
Computers, phones, benches, and signs were also damaged.

Police said final damage assessments may alter depending on the museum's curator and insurer. Damaged artwork photos have not been provided.