Man points gun at camera during gun violence report on Chicago TV

A guy strolled past a live "Good Day Chicago" segment Wednesday and brandished what seemed to be a gun at the camera and crew.

Joanie Lum discussed Chicago's gun violence live on air near Clark and Hubbard.
In the midst of Lum's report, a guy approached the camera and pointed a pistol at it before skipping around the corner.

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Natalie Bomke, a studio anchor, summarised the scenario after it occurred.

"This individual is a person of interest, suspected of aggravated assault with a handgun." "Contact Chicago police if you know who or where he is."

Bomke said neither reporter nor photographer was hurt. "Thanks to viewers who phoned or contacted to make sure our staff was safe."

This follows Tuesday's school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, and a store shooting in Buffalo. one in Laguna Woods, California.