Netflix star hospitalised after filming hit series

Ruby Barker is taking time off. In an Instagram post, the actress who portrays Lady Maria Crane (née Thompson) in the Netflix series said she had been "very sick for a long time."

The British actress discussed her mental health struggles and asked people to be kind to themselves.
Ruby Barker stated, "Stop being so harsh on yourself" "Sometimes you have to say

I can't do this right now." Need help." The 25-year-old claimed she doesn't want her diagnosis to be self-fulfilling, but she wouldn't identify it.

She promised to discuss her mental health more later. She thanked friends, mentors, Netflix, and Shonda Rhimes for their support.

Ruby Barker confirmed her hospital release five days after her poignant message. She thanked her fans again. She thanked her doctor and medical personnel for making her feel less alone. 

The Bridgerton actress spends her days outdoors and with family. The actress said mental health patients shouldn't be hesitant to seek treatment.