Netflix's massacre continues. What does it signify for the business?

Netflix is worsening. As it loses customers, Netflix lay off 150 additional workers, or 2% of its staff. A corporate spokeswoman says the adjustments are dictated by business necessity

Our slower revenue growth implies we must decrease our expense growth, as we highlighted [in reporting Q1 profits]. So we're laying off roughly 150 people today, largely in the US.

These adjustments are motivated by company demands rather than individual performance, which makes them more difficult since no one wants to leave such outstanding coworkers. 

Many of those let off this spring were new personnel, indicating a company-wide shift in direction. Unrepresented voices were promised by the corporation, several laid-off workers said on Twitter.

Unpopular decision? To avoid account sharing, the site planned to charge members for numerous profiles. They're contemplating first-time commercial breaks. Bad news.

Companies are battling Netflix at their own game with new streaming services. Netflix is laughable. They have no comebacks.
Netflix has not commented. Until then, stay tuned.