Neurodiversity in Cybersecurity: Providing Inclusivity

Neurodiverse security specialists provide unique insights and a cyber defense-suited attitude, but businesses must do more to embrace them.Neurodivergent (ND) persons provide

a larger variety of viewpoints and skill sets to detect and mitigate security concerns.
Neurodiverse people think outside the box and perceive things from multiple perspectives

which might help them discover security weaknesses or criminal activities.
More has to be done to reach out to neurodiverse IT security experts and to promote an inclusive workplace culture.

“If one is Linux and the other is Windows, we both cater to distinct demands, and the paths to achieving specific jobs are different,” Wilson says. "We're different"

Neurodivergent persons have a hyperfocus on evaluating data and spotting patterns, says CAI's Rex Johnson. Neurodiverse talent is the only exception.

Wilson says that organisations may lose out on hiring a wonderful candidate because they glanced down the whole time and it was seen as disrespectful.