New York increases semi-automatic rifle age to 21

Albany, N.Y. New York's legislature banned anybody under 21 from purchasing or owning a semi-automatic weapon Thursday, less than three weeks after an 18-year-old

used one to murder 10 people at a Buffalo supermarket.
The Senate approved the measure 43-20 and the Assembly 102-47 Thursday evening. 

This week, Democratic legislative leaders and Gov. Kathy Hochul introduced a package of gun control laws. Now, Hochul will sign it.

New York's handgun age limit is 21. Younger individuals might still possess other kinds of rifles and shotguns, but the change in the legislation would limit ownership of the fast-firing weapons 

used by the 18-year-old shooters in Buffalo and Texas.
The law would also require licences for semiautomatic rifles, something now only necessary for handguns.

New York would join Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Vermont, and Washington in requiring customers to be 21 to buy certain long firearms. Utah suggested similar laws.