Officials eager to testify after witness says Trump reached and grabbed wheel

Two Secret Service officers are set to testify before a House committee probing the Jan. 6 Capitol incident after a former White House staffer 

said Trump snatched the steering wheel and rushed at an agent.
Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony mentioned Bobby Engel, Trump's former Secret Service director,

and Anthony Ornato, his deputy chief of staff for operations. Hutchinson was Mark Meadows' assistant.

Anthony Guglielmi, the Secret Service's head of communications, said the agency has notified all parties that all of its agents and officers are prepared to testify before the committee.

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Meadows, Giuliani debate pardon testimony

Engel and Ornato are prepared to question Hutchinson's story of what transpired in the car, according to a Secret Service officer who spoke on condition of anonymity. But  official supplied no details