Parkinson's has affected Michael J. Fox's responsibilities.

Parkinson's condition has affected Michael J. Fox's acting choices.
The actor and research advocate said memorising lines has been harder in the decades after he was afflicted.

"When I performed 'The Good Fight,' I couldn't recall the lines. I had a blank, I couldn't recall the lines,  comparing it with early in his career when he got a screenplay for films like Family Ties.

"I'd say 'Yes. Stop talking, Mallory! "I recognised it instantly, and it stayed that way," Fox said.

"I had 70 pages of dialogue on a [Brian] De Palma movie, and knowing that an expensive Steadicam shot hinges on my memorising the lines — no sweat."

Fox had learnt to adapt and remembers a difficult scenario from "Designated Survivor"

Fox: "I couldn't understand the legalese." "I didn't panic, which was wonderful." No panic. I said, "Oh well." "Moving on"
Fox no longer takes line-heavy projects.