Pepsi's cryptic tweet hints to a new flavour.

Pepsi is Coca-zesty, Cola's vanilla-less relative. In a Mashed poll, barely chose it over Coke. Pepsi has a unique taste profile. Beyond vanilla or cherry, they've ventured into strange terrain.

Pepsi and IHOP created a maple syrup-flavored beverage in March 2022. Cracker Jack during baseball games, hot chocolate in winter, and Thanksgiving apple pie have inspired the firm recently. 

With these alternatives, viewers would expect something stranger. Pepsi's future: Some may predict another pie-inspired product based on a recent Twitter tweet

Pepsi invites "Pizza lovers" to "get ready for the greatest thing since sliced pizza" Date: May 20, 2022. Some enthusiasts think a pizza taste is on the way.

I mean it seems like everything else is getting transformed into a soda taste, kronosx1 shouted. Someone other predicted a tomato sauce taste.

Fans will have to keep an eye on their social media accounts on May 20th to see what Pepsi is brewing — or cooking.