Pit Bull's Reaction to Not Getting His Breakfast on Time Is Hilarious

Do you ever go to a restaurant and the kitchen takes ages to prepare your food? You're about to eat your arm off but you hold back and wait.

Or, if you're like Karen, you'll nag the manager. That's how this demanding Pit Bull ate.

@alfieandayra posted a video of her Pit Bull, Alfie, yelling that his food is late.

Such an aggressive way of telling me I'm too slow. His bowl starts sliding across the floor as he digs! That's a lot of dramaHA!

This poor pup acts as if he is always hungry. "HE'S EXTRA," @J said. The other dog is like, 'Just wait dude, it will come.' LOL!

We understand his requests. Anger can take over! @Chasity "Alfie made some good points about why he needs his dinner right now,"