Previously Unknown Coffee Applications

Coffee drinkers are well aware that the day does not really begin until they have had their first cup of joe in the morning

A cup of coffee might help you wake up in the morning, but it can also alleviate headaches. "Caffeine may help alleviate some of the symptoms of a headache.

Your dark wood dresser has that one little crack, nick, or gouge that's the only thing you notice when you look at it. Instant coffee is the way to go. 

Spot a small open container filled with freshly ground coffee beans in a place where it won't be tipped over. Grounds will absorb strong scents you bring inside the vehicle

Coffee grinds may be used to exfoliate the skin, according to Chris Barnes, who writes on the topic for Stylelist. To remove dead skin, gently scrub the damp grinds into the area

Coffee cans are ideal for baking fast bread. Spray nonstick frying spray and flour the inside. The greatest bread contains just two ingredients.