Pro-abortion marches draw thousands

In Washington, D.C., demonstrators marched to the Supreme Court screaming "We won't go back" and "Abortion is a human right." 

Thousands crossed the Brooklyn Bridge. In Los Angeles, pro-abortion protesters jammed a park near City Hall.

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in towns throughout the nation on Saturday, two weeks after a draught Supreme Court judgement was leaked. 

Some donned shirts reading "Bans Off Our Bodies" and "Keep Abortion Safe and Legal" Many of them acknowledged that Roe will likely be overruled.

Before the draught ruling emerged, organisers were planned a countrywide march for abortion rights, but they rushed Saturday's festivities. 

Many parents brought their kids. Sonia Reiter, 41, took her 5-year-old son to the march to teach him about choice.

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